We can structure an article about medical tourism, based on the following questions:

What does dental medical tourism represent and how Unique Smile promotes itself in this segment?

Medical tourism involves the team to meet with a patient who does not have a residence in Romania, in order to perform dental treatments. I did not promovate this. Patients like this have come to us through recommendations from existing patients. The best and real advertising comes from those who have already benefited from our services.

How does Unique Smile differ in the dental tourism market?

I could not say that it is a defining element in the medical tourism market. It is in fact about our mission, and the way we address each patient, whether he is in the country or abroad, he is a social case or with high financial possibilities. We make no difference in this regard.

For those who come from abroad we can also ensure the flight planning plus the local transport, the reservation of accommodation in Sibiu, as well as recommendations for the tourist objectives in the area. We want a pleasant experience for them, while also benefiting from dental treatments.

Who are the patients who resort to medical tourism?

In the dental care center we have the joy of treating both Romanian patients from abroad and foreign patients. Romanian patients return to their relatives on vacation, and foreigners combine visiting Sibiu as a tourist destination, with the necessary treatments.

What are the most requested dental interventions?

Most patients call for complex treatments, implants and dental work. But in order to be able to replace lost teeth it is important to start from a proper site: the other teeth present to be healthy, without tooth decay or infections. Therefore in many situations it is necessary to prepare the patient by filling the oral cavity, only then to address the area requested by the patient.

What are the packages offered by Unique Smile?

The packages offered are individualized to each patient according to his / her needs: if he or she wants consultancy for travel and accommodation in Romania, or strictly wants the dental treatments. The relationship with our employees allows us a complex service package, we are just the binder in this regard.